Perfect Strings for a Perfect Game


ISOSPEED is the technology leader in the field of innovative materials. The only company in the
world that uses Polypropylene in the manufacture of strings, in addition they us other well known materials.

The Power Ribbons which have been developed are a revolutionary string technology. Elastic tapes
are used instead of the traditional fibres.

From 1990 ISOSPEED have carried out successful research on methods for the post processing and
optimisation of materials, such as double heating,

This thermal after treatment, makes it possible to produce an unusual, triangular tennis string.
Continuous advances in materials and technologies guarantee innovative state-of-the-art products.

DOUBLE HEATING: This technology refers to a thermal after-treatment consisting of a second heating process that is applied to the string. The double heating evens out any irregularities and also eliminates internal stresses. The result is pliable, uniformly elastic strings.

POWER RIBBONS (WINDING TECHNOLOGY): Power Ribbons are flat tapes made of polypropylene and polyamide. They are wound several layers thick so that they overlap and are diametrically opposed, thereby simulating the structure of a natural gut string. This makes it possible to produce strings that are elastic and, at the same time, robust.

BRAIDED CORE (BOBBIN TECHNOLOGY): The braided core is a tightly plaited cord located in the string's core. Due to its exceptional structure, it gives the string uniform elasticity and high defection resilience.

PRE-STRETCHED: ISOSPEED strings are pre-stretched. Pre-stretching the string core or the entire string minimizes the loss of tension, while at the same time, allowing for lower tension weights.

Raw Materials Used

The use of high-quality raw materials is the basis of ISOSPEED tennis string's exceptional quality. We produce our strings from a variety of plastics with a range of material characteristics that provide you optimal support in your game.

ISOSPEED - the prefect string for your game.

POLYPROPYLEN: Polypropylene is a high-strength, heat-sealable plastic that possesses a stress-strain behaviour similar to that of gut.

POLYESTER: Polyester is a stable, highly durable plastic whose rigidity decreases the more it is stretched.

POLYAMID: Polyamide, by contrast, is a soft plastic whose rigidity increases the more it is stretched.


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