Energetic Plus Control + Spin


The surface of the Energetic Plus model consists of heat-sealed, highly elastic Power Ribbons.
The multifilament (consisting of several fibres) core forms a pre-stretched this Polyamide braided cord that, at the slightest loss of tension, lends the string enough resilience that it offers high control over the ball. Its extravagant composition provides for more top spin.


Gauge: 1.30 mm

Length: 12 m, 200 m

Colour: natural


Surface: Polypropylene, heat-sealed Power Ribbons

Core: Polyamide, Polyester

Pre-stretching: Core


Power Ribbons

Power Ribbons are flat tapes made of Polypropylene and Polyamide.
They are wound several layers thick so that they overlap and are diametrically opposed, thereby simulating the structure of a natural gut string;
this makes it possible to produce strings that are elastic and, at the same time, robust.


ISOSPEED strings are pre-stretched.
Pre-stretching the string core or the entire string reduces the loss of tension to a minimum.
At the same time, this allows for lower tension weights.

Braided Core

The braided core is a tightly plaited cord located in the string's core.
Due to its exceptional structure, it gives the string uniform elasticity and high resilience capabilities.


Strung 10% to 15% looser; suitable for all head sizes and string patterns, depending on string tension.


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